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Spend Less, Comply More
As a regulatory compliance officer, time is your most…

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Re: Spend Less, Comply More

As a regulatory compliance officer, time is your most scarce resource and your most valuable asset.  RegSmart is in the business of saving you time and making your BSA and cybersecurity systems more efficient, more effective, and more complaint.

It’s not magic.  RegSmart is based on time-tested, intuitive principles—an intelligent design that applies a systematic approach to data collection and risk assessment to the complex systems, operations, and regulations that apply to BSA and cybersecurity.

  • Start with a Complete Data Set
    Do you have a consistent, defined set of date on which you base your management decisions?

RegSmart systematically collects a complete set of data to evaluate your BSA and cybersecurity programs and systems.  It associates the data with applicable policies and procedures.

  • Change the Data Set Only When Your Business, the Risk Landscape, or Regulations Change
    Do you spend time collecting similar data year after year to satisfy regulator, executive, or auditor requirements?

Once collected, you need only update as circumstances change. Data intelligence and analytics are available in seconds based on your current set of data. If you want to test the effect of new products, services, or operations, RegSmart tell you immediately how these products, services, and operations will affect your institutional risk.

  • Risk Assess on a Granular Level to Understand Institutional Risk
    Do you analyze your risk by location, product, service, and system so that you know where to direct attention and resources?

RegSmart builds an institutional risk model by looking at all the areas of your BSA and cybersecurity programs that could result in business loss, or regulatory finding, or sanction.

  • Never “Cram” for an Audit or Examination Again
    How much time do you spend and how much stress do you experience preparing for an audit or examination?  Are you at your best during an exam or audit?

Never…because you’re already prepared.  Thought the year, you have collected and updated data, run and reviewed risk assessments, and responded to threats and institutional weaknesses.  You’re always ready.

  • Communicate Complex Findings and Recommendations in Plain Language that Managers, Executives, and the Board Can Understand
    Are you reports concise and consistent and written in plain language?  Are executives and the board “trained” to read your reports efficiently?

The best information and analysis is worth little unless it is communicated in simple, actionable format that managers and business leaders can immediately use to make decisions and allocate capital.  Managers and business leaders save time and make better decisions when receive information in a consistent format.