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RegSmart complements your existing BSA and cybersecurity systems.

RegSmart saves you money and increases compliance in mission-critical areas.

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RegSmart is not:

An Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) or a Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) System

ERMs and GRCs tend to look at risks to the institution through binoculars—a valuable tool when judging holistic risk in all areas of the institution.


Looks at your BSA and cybersecurity systems though a microscope with the specific goal of strict compliance with regulatory requirements and close adherence to the NIST and US Cert standards. For example, RegSmart-BSA Risk & Review, is a complete risk assessment and annual review or audit that fully complies with the requirements of the FFIEC BSA Examination Manual.

BSA Transaction Monitoring

BSA Transaction Monitoring Systems are critical tools in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing and an important part of your institution’s regulatory compliance.

Transaction Monitoring systems do not provide regulatory-required BSA risk assessments or annual audits. They do not analyze every product, service, customer profile, and location by first analyzing the inherent risk of each (based on regulatory guidance) and then documenting mitigating controls for regulatory inspection and approval. They do not review policies and procedures around the institution’s 14 critical BSA compliance areas including governance, e-banking, OFAC, private banking, correspondent banking, CIP, CDD and EDD. They do not test compliance with policies and procedures and create plain language reports about the strengths and weaknesses of the institution’s implementation of its critical anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policies, procedures, processes, and controls.

RegSmart Does!

RegSmart-BSA Risk & Review produces a comprehensive, FFIEC-compliant BSA Risk Assessment covering locations, products, services, customers, turnover, training, and BSA compliance administration.  It provides a fully integrated BSA Annual Audit covering the 14 critical BSA areas (including, CIP, eBaking, EDD & CDD, Special Measures, and OFAC) with extensive help and best practices advice.

Cybersecurity Defense Hardware or Software

RegSmart is not a firewall, or an access control, pen testing, breach detection system.  It does not encrypt data or provide server security.


A framework that guides you though continual, critical analysis of your hardware, software, access, management and control, and every other system critical to your ongoing security. RegSmart will make your systems and operations more secure and will help you recover quickly and with the least possible adverse effect to your business operations.