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RegSmart Features and Benefits:

Proprietary Risk Algorithm

Proprietary Risk Algorithm

RegSmart measures risk on a granular, category, and an institutional basis.  Our Proprietary Risk Algorithm reads your data and builds a risk model for your locations, products, services, systems, and your institution.

Less Money, More Compliance

Less Money, More Compliance

RegSmart does automatically what you now do manually.  It collects the details of your operations, assigns and calculates risk, and reports detailed risk analysis to decision makers.

The Intelligence Is In The Detail

The Intelligence is in the Detail

Managers and executives need intelligence on the risk of specific operations to make good decisions.  RegSmart analyzes and reports BSA risk of every location, product, service, and customer profile. RegSmart analyzes and reports risks of each of the 10 critical cybersecurity domains.

Complexity Is The Enemy Of Compliance

Complexity is the Enemy of Compliance

RegSmart’s intuitive wizards and prolific advice and instruction bring organization to complex BSA compliance and cybersecurity systems.

Trust In People, Invest In Process

Trust in People, Invest in Process

We guaranty your people will be more efficient and more effective with RegSmart’s risk and governance frameworks.  RegSmart is built to collect and analyze data based on the latest regulatory guidance and advice.  It asks the critical questions every time and reports results in plain language.

Always On, Always Current

Always On, Always Current

RegSmart consolidates the thousands of pages of regulations and advice into its intuitive cloud-based data collection, analysis, and reporting engines.  RegSmart is continually updated with the latest regulations and best practice advice.

Understandable Information Is Power

Understandable Information is Power

RegSmart offers concise, understandable reporting to managers, executives, and the board that puts data and analytics in the hands of the people who are responsible for evaluating risk and allocating capital.