Cybersecurity Risk Management and Governance “In a Box”

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Every organization needs to be able to answer two questions to understand its cybersecurity threat posture:

  1. What is your inherent cybersecurity risk based on your organization’s products, services, and geographies?
  2. How prepared are your people, technology, and facilities to mitigate cybersecurity risks and recover from cybersecurity breaches?

RegSmart-CyberSolutions is Cybersecurity Enterprise Governance and Risk Management SaaS that helps you answer those two questions and maintain an effective cybersecurity posture…

RegSmart-Cybersolutions institutionalizes best practice tenets for effective Cybersecurity Governance…

  • System probing with predictable frequency that provides data and reference sources to experts to build modular, end-to-end reference designs that are broadly applicable and repeatable
  • Ongoing Assessment system that provides actionable intelligence for defense-in-depth posture and response
  • Timely information sharing, training and awareness
  • Gold standards and Best Practices (standards-based cybersecurity practices based on risk analysis)
  • Stay abreast of security developments and the advancement of countermeasures

Asset Management

Configuration and Change Management

Vulnerability Management

Risk Management

Service Continuity Management

Incident Management

Training and Awareness

Controls Management

Situational Awareness

External Dependencies Management

Here’s how it works: RegSmart CyberSolutions’ SaaS

  • Takes you though a thorough analysis of the maturity of the 10 critical cybersecurity domains defined by US Department of Homeland Security’s US Cert listed below.
  • Applies US Department of Commerce’s NIST standards to evaluate the resiliency of your Domains–how effectively can you recover from a security breach?
  • Reports on the maturity and resiliency of your Domains in clear concise terms that your leadership can understand and use to make informed decisions about matching you cybersecurity assets to your business mission (the essence of great Governance).

RegSmart CyberSolutions simplifies and then walks you through analysis and advice from the most authoritative sources in the world for cybersecurity, the US Department of Commerce NIST standards and the US Department of Homeland Security’s US Cert guidelines.

Cybersecurity is mind-numbingly complex. RegSmart’s systematic approach helps you answer the following five critical questions:

  • Are we analyzing (periodically and with predictable frequency) every one of the 10 critical Cybersecurity Domains for appropriate practices to prevent vulnerabilities?
  • Are we operating under updated controls to account for changes in our environment and the changing threat landscape?
  • When we are breached, how prepared are we to recover (Resiliency)?
  • Can we explain in plain language our threats, controls, vulnerabilities, and recovery/resiliency plans to executives and the board so that they can make informed decisions about policy focus and capital investments?
  • Are we prepared to show regulators we have a complete and responsive cybersecurity governance system that takes our current infrastructure and current threats into account?