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BSA, Cybersecurity Risk Management
& Governance “In a Box”

RegSmart systematically collects data, analyzes risk using a proprietary algorithm, and delivers real time, actionable information to decision makers to facilitate best-practices Risk Management & Governance.

Unquantified Risk has Catastrophic Potential

It’s not enough to know risks exist.

BSA and Cyber-Risks have virtually unlimited potential to damage your business. RegSmart’s risk management and cybersecurity SaaS identifies and quantifies BSA and cybersecurity risks and helps you match resources to your risk management mission.

RegSmart-BSA Risk & Review

RegSmart’s SaaS automates BSA Risk Assessment, Annual Audit, and Examination Preparation. RegSmart is simple, intuitive, effective, complete, compliant, current, and efficient. You’ll spend less time and achieve better compliance…guaranteed.


It is virtually impossible to maintain effective and efficient cybersecurity without a robust, formal governance system. RegSmart’s SaaS automates Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Governance. It identifies risks so you can efficiently match resources to security vulnerabilities that matter to your business and your customers.

Founded on the principle that risk assessment and governance (matching resources to business mission) are crucial to effective, efficient risk management, RegSmart delivers subject matter expert-supported SaaS to address the highest risks financial institutions face.

BSA/AML Solutions

Spend Less, Comply More
with automated BSA Risk Assessments and Annual Audits


Identify threats and then be Efficient & Effective with security resources

Advisory Services

Use RegSmart’s SaaS and get subject matter experts when you need them

The Business Case for RegSmart:

Take a deeper dive into what we do and why we do it…

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about saving time and money while increasing the effectiveness of your BSA compliance program…

about a continual, effective, compliant cybersecurity program for institutions of any size in any industry…

about money laundering and cybersecurity subject matter experts deployed to meet your needs…



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